White Paper: The Benefits of Telepharmacy on Improving Medication Management

White Paper: The Benefits of Telepharmacy on Improving Medication Management

What role can telepharmacy play in improving medication adherence?

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Our main goal is to help make medication manageable, and we achieve this through supporting patients with patient-first, comprehensive, longitudinal medication management services. Our services help lower the total cost of care while simultaneously increasing quality. Experts have long known that telemedicine and telehealth are paths to provide healthcare more readily to those with limited mobility or living in isolated communities, and the need for improved coordination among healthcare teams and patients to support medication management is crucial. Through telepharmacy, you can better prevent readmissions, reduce the total cost of care, and improve transitions of care.

Knowing this, one step clinicians must take is to explore the field of telepharmacy and how it can aid with medication management and all future benefits. 

Our white paper — The Benefits of Telepharmacy on Improving Medication Management — details the differences between telemedicine and telehealth, discusses their challenges and benefits, and examines the important implications of telepharmacy on medication management. These include the role it plays in:

  • Drug therapy monitoring
  • Admission, discharge, and post-discharge medication reconciliation
  • Adherence management
  • New medication counseling
  • Addressing the United States’ $528 billion suboptimal medication management problem
  • Difference between medication therapy management (MTM) and comprehensive medication management (CMM)

Accurate medication data is a tremendously valuable tool in the hands of telepharmacists. Discover how to leverage telepharmacy by taking a more aggressive approach toward adding it or expanding your existing usage.

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