White Paper: The Benefits of Telepharmacy on Improving Medication Management

What role can telepharmacy play in improving medication adherence in this time of social distancing?

The established methods of improving medication management must change with the times. As the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged medical providers into a new normal of social distancing, exploring the applications and benefits of telepharmacy is more relevant than ever. While experts have long known that telemedicine and telehealth are paths to more readily provide healthcare to those with limited mobility or living in isolated communities, most patients are now isolated to some degree. The need for improved coordination among healthcare teams and patients to support medication management is even more essential now that in-person encounters are reserved only for those appointments deemed absolutely necessary in an effort to reduce potential exposure, "flatten the curve," and eventually return to more normal operations.

Knowing this, one step clinicians must take is to explore the field of telepharmacy and how it can aid with medication management during social distancing and deliver many future benefits as well.

Our white paper—The Benefit of Telepharmacy on Improving Medication Management—details the difference between telemedicine and telehealth; discusses their challenges and benefits; and examines the important implications of telepharmacy on medication management. These include the role it plays in:

  • Drug therapy monitoring
  • Admission, discharge, and post-discharge medication reconciliation
  • Adherence management
  • New medication counseling
  • Addressing the United States’ $528 billion suboptimal medication management problem
  • Difference between medication therapy management (MTM) and comprehensive medication management (CMM)

Accurate medication data is a tremendously valuable tool in the hands of telepharmacists. Discover how to leverage telepharmacy by beginning to take a more aggressive approach toward adding it or expanding your existing usage.

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