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Patient messaging history in mobile app

Send Secure, HIPAA- Complaint Messages to Anyone with a Smart Phone

Cureatr connect providers in real-time to communicate and share important information through secure messaging.
Right Person, Right Time

Find anyone, anytime. Easily integrate your organization’s directory – along with their specialty and title – and connect directly.

Simple. Secure. Robust.
Easy-to-use and HIPAA-secure, with all the features you need to communicate the messages you want.
Send Secure Messages to Anyone

Safely communicate outside your network’s walls: Send encrypted messages to external colleagues as well as patients and their families instantly.

Patient-Centric Messaging

Streamline communication with the other providers in your care team using patient-centric threads

Photo & File Share

Safely send photo and file attachments –including PDF, Word, and Excel documents

Always Know Who’s On

Set your availability status to available, busy, or off-duty, and get the same info on others

Use Any Device

Accessible via iOS, Android, and web so you can check and send messages anytime, anywhere

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“With Cureatr, I can easily communicate changes in patient status without having to waste time trying to track down the right physician, or disrupt care.”