Executive Summary: Comprehensive Medication Management

Executive Summary: Comprehensive Medication Management

Why fix suboptimal medication management?

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For every dollar spent on prescription medication each year in the United States, $1.17 is spent on the cost of under, over, misuse of those medications. These costs represent 15% of the $3.15 trillion annual U.S. healthcare spend.

The costs are largely driven from hospital admissions and long-term care admissions primarily due to suboptimal medication regimens ordered by prescribers. How do we solve suboptimal medication management?

Cureatr’s Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) powered by Meds 360° is an advanced, coordinated, whole-patient intervention service that uniquely combines software with expert services, enabling you to easily address:

  • Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge
  • Primary and Secondary Non-Adherence
  • Deprescribing
  • Disease Specific CMM

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Download the Executive Summary
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