Webinar: Improving Medication Safety and Adherence


Improving Medication Safety and Adherence

Medication mishaps are a HUGE problem. People have been aware of it for years. Despite Joint Commission and IHI campaigns, problems persist. The major challenge is that everyone is responsible for meds…. thus no one is. It’s a proverbial Swiss cheese/diffusion of responsibility challenge. To rectify, skill sets are increasingly in place, and data assets are improving. But advances in medication management will only happen in a meaningful way when accountability for downstream consequences is pervasive.

During this webinar, Michael Ross. MD, MHA, Chief Medical Officer at Cureatr and Troy Trygstad, PharmD, MBA, PhD, Vice President, Pharmacy Programs at Community Care of North Carolina discuss the issues with Adverse Drug Events, Medication Reconciliation, and Medication Non-Adherence and their effect on patient safety.

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