Comprehensive Medication Management

Is Your Organization at Risk for Medication Non-Adherence?

Improve Medication History with the Right Monitoring Tool

A major obstacle to providing the best patient care is an unclear view of patient medication histories. In order to offer safe and effective care, clinicians need this information – but an EMR can only provide you with so much data.

The solution? A system that reveals both present and past medication history. Cureatr offers:

  • Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) - including expert services and software
  • Real-time prescribing and pharmacy pick up info
  • Decreased medication reconciliation times
  • Increased medication adherence
  • Secure browser, phone, and tablet usage
  • No need to integrate with your EMR

To learn more about medication history solutions and Meds 360º, check out our Get Started Kit, which includes:

  • Slide Deck: Power Population Health Initiatives with Dispensed Medication Data
  • Guide: Improving Patient Care With Medication Management: Everything Clinicians Must Know
  • White Paper: Medication Reconciliation: The Biggest Patient Safety Issue Facing Clinicians Today
  • Video: See Meds 360º in action

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