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Improving Patient Care with Medication Management: Everything Clinicians Must Know

Learn how to prevent medication errors and improve patient care

Did you know about 50% of patients take medications incorrectly? Medication errors can happen for a number of reasons, but ultimately, they all threaten patient safety. A few statistics reveal just how severe these issues can be. For example, did you know…

  • 250,000-400,000 deaths are caused by medical errors each year
  • $17.1 billion is the estimated annual cost of measurable medical errors that harmed patients in one year
  • 21% of adults have experienced a medical error

While medication errors can be caused by issues like medication nonadherence or a prescription mistake, providers can be proactive about their approach to medication management.

Our guide covers everything you need to know including, the importance of patient education & adherence, safety in hospitals, the importance of correct medication administration, how to develop an effective medication management process, and more.


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