Cureatr Medication Management Challenges Whitepaper

Medication Management Challenges and Opportunities for Payers and Providers

Nearly 20% of Medicare patients discharged are readmitted within 30 days and 34.0% were readmitted within 90 days, representing $17.4 billion in costs annually.

While traditional strategies to improve medication management, especially during transitions of care, have been initiated by provider organizations, health plans are being forced to take a more significant role in preventing medication-related readmissions as the 2022 performance year’s Star Ratings changes to the transition of care (TRC) measures suggest.

To succeed in this new environment and secure high Star Ratings for quality care, health plans will need to reexamine their current medication management strategies and take the lead with data-driven, holistic approaches that enable seamless transitions of care.

In this white paper, we examine some of the challenges that payers and providers face concerning medication management today and highlight opportunities each can take to improve in ways that will positively affect patient care and the overall cost of care.

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