Medical Reconciliation eBook

Medication Reconciliation: The Key Patient Safety Issue for Healthcare Providers

Discover How to Improve Medication Reconciliation with Your Patients

As many providers already know, challenges related to medication reconciliation have the potential to lead to many issues with patients – with the most important of these problems being – patient safety.

Our guide covers everything from the importance of medication reconciliation, to patient responsibility, to best practices for providers.

Here’s a quick peek into Chapter 1 of the eBook:

“The importance of medication reconciliation should not be overlooked by any healthcare provider. It may already be a priority for your organization. Despite your efforts, there still could be a large margin for error due to the capturing of incomplete or inaccurate information.

Recognizing that patients don’t always remember or know the medications they’ve been prescribed or even those they take on a regular basis, it’s critical to acknowledge that patients are not always a reliable source of information.

The Institute of Medicine found that 50% of all medication errors and 20% of adverse drug events in hospitals occur due to poor communication during transitions.”

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