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Is Your Organization at Risk for Medication Non-Adherence?

Improve Medication Management with the Right Monitoring Tool

One major barrier in providing the best patient care is having an unclear view of medication histories. In order to offer safe and effective care, clinicians need this information – but an EMR can only provide you with so much data.

The solution? A system that reveals both present and past medication history. Cureatr’s Meds 360º offers:

  • Real-time prescribing and pharmacy pick up info
  • Decreased medication reconciliation times
  • Increased medication adherence
  • Secure browser, phone, and tablet usage
  • No need to integrate with your EMR

To learn more about medication reconciliation solutions and Meds 360º, check out our Get Started Kit, which includes:

  • Slide Deck: Power Population Health Initiatives with Dispensed Medication Data
  • Guide: Patient Safety: Bridging the Information Gap
  • White Paper: Medication Reconciliation: The Biggest Patient Safety Issue Facing Clinicians Today
  • Video: See Meds 360º in action

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