Medication Reconciliation: The Biggest Patient Safety Issue Facing Clinicians Today

How Well Does Your Organization Handle Medication Reconciliation?

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As one of the most significant challenges facing healthcare organizations, inaccuracies in a patient’s medication information can negatively affect outcomes, harm patients, and increase costs in care.

However, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider that medication reconciliation is such a complex process, making efforts to correctly capture patient information difficult for clinicians. 

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • The critical role medication reconciliation plays in delivering safe care
  • Why it is often difficult for organizations and their clinicians
  • How Cureatr’s real-time prescribing and pharmacy pickup history solution, Meds 360º can dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of the medication reconciliation process

“Successful performance of medication reconciliation can have a positive impact on patient response to a hospital stay as well as support improvement in clinical quality and financial outcome.”


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