Patient Safety eBook

Patient Safety: Bridging the Information Gap

How Providers Can Address Key Issues and Improve Patient Outcomes

There’s no debate – patient safety matters. However, the majority of healthcare providers are aware that there are still many unresolved issues that result in less-than-safe care for patients.

While providing patients with treatment to improve their health is of the utmost importance, there are a number of reasons that patient safety is important. For example, reimbursement is now directly tied to medical errors. And healthcare review websites and social media both provide platforms for patients to share negative experiences – which can impact whether or not other patients will choose to receive care from your organization in the future. 

Our guide offers valuable information, including:

  • Why patient safety is important & issues in hospitals
  • The role of nurses in patient safety
  • How to cultivate a culture of safety
  • The role of technology and EMRs
  • Tools for better care coordination
  • How to measure patient outcomes
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