Understanding and Addressing Polypharmacy: A Detailed Guide

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Understanding and Addressing Polypharmacy: A Detailed Guide

Did you know that more than 40% of older Americans regularly take five or more prescription drugs, and nearly 20% take more than 10 medications? In fact, the Lown Institute reports that “If nothing is done to change current practices, medication overload will contribute to the premature deaths of 150,000 older Americans over the next decade and reduce the quality of life for millions more.”

Polypharmacy, typically defined as the use of five or medications, is nothing new. But today we understand that the dangers of excessive medication use can be mitigated through understanding the problem and its causes, and by implementing effective solutions to curb this growing trend.

Detailed Guide to Polypharmacy:

In this eBook, we will explore the concept of polypharmacy by covering topics that include: 
  • What is polypharmacy? 
  • Benefits of polypharmacy 
  • Polypharmacy guidelines 
  • Polypharmacy trends and developments
  • Polypharmacy risks and challenges 
  • Polypharmacy solutions
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